We haven’t reached the point where we can say it’s downright difficult to find incandescent lighting in business offices, but we are seeing these holdouts giving way to superior successors. Compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) uses up to 65% less energy. That can translate into a measurable savings in operating costs for your business.

The average incandescent light bulb emits 12 to 15 lumens per watt. A CFL bulb puts out an impressive 60 lumens per watt. That makes it up to 5 times more efficient.

This a big deal for most businesses. Only about 10% of the electricity an average residence consumes comes from lighting. For businesses, it’s almost double that amount.

Why we love CFL

Want more reasons to be in love with CFL lighting?

  • Replace just a single standard 100-watt bulb in your office with its corresponding 32-watt CFL and you’ll save your business more than $30 over the life of the bulb.
  • That CFL bulb will last 10 times longer than the incandescent bulb it replaces.
  • Traditional incandescent bulbs convert only 5% of the energy they consume into illumination. The rest is wasted as radiation and heat.

What’s not to like?

Very little. But there a few considerations.

  • CFL bulbs contain mercury. It doesn’t pose any danger to you during the bulb’s operating life, but they must be disposed of properly. You can’t just throw them away in the office trash.
  • LED lights last even longer than CFL bulbs, and they’ve become more affordable. Many people still choose to go with CFL because the quality of light it gives off is a closer match to an incandescent bulb. And both will work in the lighting fixtures you already have – whereas you’ll need to replace them to use LED lighting.
  • CFL provides a general light, while LED works better for directional lighting. LED lighting also works better in areas where lights are frequently switched on and off.

CFL lights are cost-savers all the way around. Even the smallest of businesses can expect to see measurable savings after the switch. CFL bulbs are much better for our environment, too. A single CFL bulb can reduce more than 450 pounds of emissions from a power plant over its lifetime.

There’s another way your business can put less demand on power plants, and it can save you a considerably larger amount than switching to CFL bulbs. You have growing options on deciding where to get your electricity. One of the newest and most environmentally conscious options is to get your power from solar gardens.

Save up to 10% annually on office utility bills. Lock in a static rate for the next 25 years. It’s a stable source of clean and renewable energy. Read more about it here.