Why Solar Stone

Energy is central to our way of life and we have entered into a new energy era that is moving away from the fossil fuel economy. The cornerstone of our value lies in our unique ability, technology and experience to produce and supply clean, renewable energy sources that are sustainable, deliver energy savings, promote energy independence, generate economic growth, reduce environmental impacts, secure our future energy needs and improve our quality of life. We will do so in a way that demonstrates respect and appreciation for our customers, staff, investors and the environment.
  • Produces clean, renewable energy
  • Reduces environmental impacts
  • Generates economic growth
  • Secures our future energy needs
  • Improves our quality of life
  • Bee hiving
  • Native plantings
  • Community gardens
  • Reclamation of decommissioned property
    • Landfills
    • Waste water treatment ponds
  • Repurposing unproductive land
    • Poor soil or terrain
Our primary focus is on three (3) key solar segments:
  • Utility scale
  • Community Solar
  • Commercial and industrial solar