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Relentless Pursuit of Renewable Energy

Who We Are

SolarStone is a highly experienced, Midwest based full-suite solar development firm committed to bringing value and best-in-class customer experience to the people we know best: hard-working landowners, farmers & industry leaders.

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Our in-house data analytics team has developed proprietary processes to efficiently identify ideal plots of land for solar development.  

SolarStone’s main goal is to drive long-term value for landowners in the community.  Our internal land acquisition team has secured over 15,000 acres, creating tens of millions of dollars in revenue to landowners over the next 35+ years.

SolarStone’s community driven approach to permitting has allowed us to successfully permit over 60 projects across 31 counties.

Stemming from our CEO’s experience establishing the original deregulation of the wholesale electric markets into regional transmission operators, and our development team’s decades of experience driving interconnection processes across the country, SolarStone is highly capable in both managing interconnection on the distribution side as well as the transmission side.

Guided by SolarStone’s core value of developing long-term & lasting relationships,  our team has developed a unique partnership with a Minnesota based engineering, planning, environmental and construction services firm that allows us to leverage our in house capabilities many-fold.

SolarStone has internally subscribed 50+ MW’s of municipal and C&I customers across our community solar assets, all of which are placed on currently operating projects 

SolarStone has originated, negotiated, and executed Joint Development Agreements, Development Service Agreements, Membership Interest Purchase Agreements and Joint Ventures totaling 6+ Billion in asset value in working with many of the top-industry participants across both community solar and utility solar. 

What Makes Us Different

To many large-scale solar companies, land acquisition is a numbers game based on acquiring the maximum number of leases as possible, understanding that only a few will be successful.  At SolarStone, our lean headcount dictates we only focus on and prioritize land we believe has a high probability of success, leading to a much higher conversion rate of leases signed to operational projects.  Landowners can expect:  

  1. Continuous direct access to a professional, highly responsive team
  2. A thoughtful partner considerate of the landowner’s wishes
  3. Lease negotiation process with an honest and fair counterparty
  4. Direct feedback on project status

Midwest Core Values

SolarStone brings our Midwest Core Values to each and every interaction.  As a firm that is 100% privately owned by employees, our Values pervade every aspect of the company and drive day-to-day activities as well as long-term aspirations.

  1. Be humble
  2. Do what’s right
  3. Keep our promises
  4. Develop long-term relationships
  5. Provide superior development services

Community Driven Approach

SolarStone understands that the true success of a project is the value brought to the local community over the long term. This means that not only are our landowners increasing the value of their property, but that their neighbors and surrounding community are not adversely affected. For this reason, SolarStone works with our landowners early on to gain community approval from both local officials and concerned community members.

Lease Your Land

Did you know you can make more money leasing your land to SolarStone for developing solar projects than from farming agricultural land or harvesting timber?

To find out if your land is eligible click the Learn More button below and submit your information for a complimentary land appraisal from SolarStone.  Once we review your property information, we will be in touch with a final assessment. Thank you for your interest!

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