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Lease Your Land

At SolarStone we view our relationships with our long term landowners as the hallmark of our success.  Our landowners play an integral role, from start to finish, in developing a partnership that creates a stable bond built on trust.  When we enter into a new market we do our diligence to examine and determine what land areas have the most potential for a successful opportunity.  Once we canvas the area with our analytics team, you can depend on the following process from us:

  • Marketing outreach to inform you that your land has the potential to qualify for a solar facility
  • Schedule an onsite visit or virtual presentation outlining the benefits of participating in a solar project
  • Complete a comprehensive overview of whether the land for consideration has the electrical infrastructure and civil characteristics to support a solar facility.  Physical access and electrical infrastructure are key attributes
  • Share our insight and knowledge about the current market value for a solar project and the negotiable commercial rates
  • A step by step review of our standard lease agreement
  • Advise and support the lease agreement process by working with all interested parties
  • Bring the execution of a land lease to a final conclusion thereby solidifying the landowners commitment for us to investigate the possibility of building and operating a solar facility

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Land Details

Is a 3 Phase line within 1 mile from the parcel?


Is there a mortgage on the parcel?
Is this parcel in a trust?

Property Photos

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Other Photos

Please upload an image if there are existing electrical poles adjacent or close proximity to the parcel.

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