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About Us

Our History

SolarStone was formed in 2012 by two industry veterans, Joe Devito and Kaya Tarhan, each with deep knowledge of the broad power space.  Joe and Kaya’s substantial experience in land acquisition, permitting and development specifically around complex interconnection and regulatory requirements as well as their political and utility connections guided SolarStone’s decision to make Minnesota the first target market.  In particular, on the heels of MN passing legislation increasing the requirements for renewable energy in the state and carving out a new community solar program, Joe and Kaya saw an opportunity to truly impact the community where they both lived by increasing the land value of their fellow Minnesotans, creating energy savings for each subscriber to the community solar projects being developed and helping clean up the local air pollution.  After successfully developing over 100+ MWs in MN, the SolarStone team has expanded into many other community solar markets across the U.S as well as utility scale solar development.

SolarStone is currently developing 5000+ MW’s of both community and utility scale solar in over 14 states.

Leasing Your Land

Leasing your land Is a great way to generate stable and predictable long-term income, while providing diversification of land/farm income from volatility in Ag markets.  Since ownership of the land is not relinquished, and the land will remain in a dormant phase for the length of the lease term, the solar lease benefits as well as a regenerated parcel of land may be passed on to future generations.

If you are interested in leasing your land, click the on the Learn More button below and complete as much information as you can to help us gain a better understanding of whether your proposed property meets the requirements for a solar facility. Once we have an opportunity to review your property information, we will be in touch with a final assessment. Thank you for your interest!

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Mission & Vision

SolarStone’s mission has always been, and remains, the relentless pursuit of renewable energy while simultaneously creating value for landowners and local communities. Our vision is to develop, design, and construct clean, sustainable energy projects and deliver them to communities who will benefit greatly from them.